Rome, Italy, Travel diary day 1

A late night flight from JFK and we are off! We flew Turkish Airlines for the first time and we have to say after years of being beatenup by airlines in the US it was an amazing surprise to find an old style airline. It may be hard for one to picture but the kind the treated you with kindness and a smile and believed spoiling the passengers made everyone’s journey more pleasant. Everyone was so nice to us. Blankets, toiletries, pillows, food, drink AND headsets fire the free movies were all provided!

We arrived at Istanbul, Turkey sometime many hours later…. with time changes we couldn’t figure out exactly how long & that was probably for the better. We waited excitedly for Rome to show up on the departure board. While waiting we received constant updates about the rugby world cup and made quite a scene when New Zealand won! Those kiwis. .. can’t take them anywhere, they are so loud & obnoxious 😉

When we joined the long line to get on the plane our jaded sides showed when the airline staff tried to let us in early (traveling with a cute child) we were convinced that we were being sent somewhere for trouble! The staff at Turkish Airlines were just so darned efficient and did we mention NICE?

The short flight to Rome from Istanbul was pleasant and went well. Again, treated like royalty. When we finally arrived in Rome we were excited buy punch drunk tired.

Our baby with an ancient lain name meet the customs agent and almost melted info a puddle on the floor! She screeched in delight at his pronunciation of her name and he replied “of course our Princessa”, I could barely peel her away from him!

We found our taxi driver then our hotel without trouble. All settled in and excited for adventures!