Rome, Italy, Travel diary day 2

With no alarm set we woke up in a flury and rushed to try and catch breakfast. The staff were not pleased with our last minute arrival but they let us in. Breakfast was OK though it is really hard getting used to teeny tiny European coffee cups! ☕

We decided to spend the day walking and see where the day took us. .. well, not far and the smell of true cappuccino had us stopped. YUM! The staff were so wonderfully friendly and kind and the coffee delicious. Thank you “La Dolce Vita” for a wonderful start to the day!

After walking some time we found ourselves in “Villa de Borghese” a wonderful park to spend the day in, even the locals agree! The weather was gorgeous and everyone was out enjoying it. A wonderful atmosphere to stroll through taking in all the statues and fountains that date back to the 1700s. The museum is meant to be truly worth seeing but it was sold out for today.

We spent the entire day finding things to see in the park. Then in trying to find our way back to the hotel went around in a circle then completely the opposite direction and found ourselves at Piazza del Popolo. The piazza is home to the Museum of Leonardo da Vinci and the Basilica Santa Maria. A gorgeous spot so lovely we stopped for dinner. We ate on the street at a restaurant on the Piazza people watching. A wonderful evening.

By the time we returned to the hotel our feet were sore but our heads filled!