Rome, Italy, Travel diary day 4

We were off to a rough start today! With blackout curtains closed we slept until 10.40am! Whoops! Obviously we missed breakfast!
So we dressed and headed for our favorite corner cafe “La Dolce Vita” for delicious cappuccino. On the way one of our travelers decided she was tired of waiting for the elevator and would try the stairs which lead us on an adventure to a locked emergency area. The hotel staff were kind enough but we could tell they would be whispering idiots as we left.
A quick and pleasant taxi ride later, with the lovely taxi driver giving us the history of the drive as we went in slow and careful Italian for us to understand, we were outside the “Capitoline Museum”. We found a quick snack to eat on the steps then we needed an emergency bathroom stop which was lucky as looking for the bathroom we stumbled upon a monument the we would not have thought have doing otherwise.
“Altarre de la Patria” was amazing! A beautiful monument! The 7 euro to ride the elevator to the scenic views on the rooftop was worth every penny. Seeing ancient Rome from above was nothing short of spectacular.
From the monument we headed to the Capitoline Museum. As we have a traveler named Accalia after the she-wolf in the story of Romulus and Remus song Lupa Capitolina was the main purpose of our trip. Accalia almost ran to the statue and there were screams and tears of joywhen she finally spotted her namesake.
We were treated to real Rafaelo paintings in the museum and had a wonderful time wandering through the museum.
Now, the travel guide told us we could do the Coliseum, Roman Forum, Capitoline Museum, Pantheon and eat all in one day. NOT US! It is just so much to take in. We find ourselves wandering with our mouths open and stopping to take in every tiny detail.
We saw the ruins from the museum then raced the sunset down to the Coliseum. The Coliseum was closed by the time we got there but was still amazing to walk around it and see it with the lights on.

We wandered about the area until we found a restaurant to refill on cappuccino and food. We also couldn’t resist buying some silly touristy nonsense to take home for family. Late back to the hotel to put our tired feet to soak in a warm bath.

Tomorrow Venice!