Rome, Italy, Travel diary day 6

Another phenomenal day!

We set an alarm and managed not to sleep past breakfast, phew! Though dragging or toed bones down was certainly a challenge!

Of course we stopped at “La Dolce Vita” for a cappuccino to really get started.

We caught a taxi down to Ancient Rome, another hair raising ride. We stopped in the church of Santa Maria in Aracoeli, even though we have seen so many beautiful churches here this one was still worth the step climb up the steps. We left needing to read more about the history of the church. It was full of old tombs. Can’t wait to do some research.

Next we walked down to the Theatre of Marcello built in 12BC! It was once the largest, most important theatre 🎭 in Rome, now the ruins have been incorporated into apartment buildings. It is an amazing sight.

OK. So I have no idea what our guide book was thinking when it said we could do all I’ve just mentioned plus the Coliseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, Capitoline museums, and still so to eat! We entered the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill and were happily lost in history for the rest of the day. The view of the forum from Palatine Hill is absolutely as good as all the house books say and seeing The Coliseum never gets old from any direction. So much history. So many influential feet walked those same paths. It was like getting lost in a book you couldn’t put down. By the time we left we rushed down to see if we could make it to get inside The Coliseum but missed it by only 3 minutes. Oops. By now we were all starving with sore feet so it was time to look for food anyway.

Food we found but nothing to recommend. Sadly all the better looking locations were full, it seems everyone’s feet needed a break exactly at the same time. We were glad to rest and refuel all the same.

We did a quick Italian leather stop and some shoe obsessed travelers might have purchased Italian leather shoes…

Back to the hotel to do a dropping off of heavy camera gear and to refresh before heading to Barberini Square where the famous Audrey Hepburn movie “Roman Holiday” was filmed. Yup, it was cool! A very busy square, loud and wonderful for people watching. We found a pleasant cafe and enjoyed Rome at night.