Rome, Italy, Travel diary day 7

We made it to breakfast! Yay! Then of course on to our favorite coffee ☕ spot down the street.
First tourist spot the Colloseum, third try and we make it inside. Glad we made the effort. It really is important to go in! Very glad we are here in of season as we can’t imagine how nuts it must really get today was PLENTY busy but we can’t complain as the line moved fast and we were inside within 10 minutes. Every single angle there is something to see. The changing light as you walk around is amazing.
Next we caught a taxi 🚕 up to The Pantheon because our feet really needed a rest. Another amazing marvel to see. Hard to believe how old it is. Wonderful spot.
From there we stopped to pee, I mean get coffee, at a terrible coffee spot but at least they had bathrooms.
Next we walked up to Trevi Fountain ⛲. We had no idea just how immense this fountain is. Now we understand why the guide books say it is a must see! Of course we spotted a shoe store right there and our shoe addict made a stop. Sadly the Internet is rather terrible in Italy so we ended up returning to this shoe shop to pick up a pair for a family member at home. It was nice seeing the fountain again at night anyway.
Next up we located a great restaurant for lunch, Alla Rampa.
From there we looked for the Spanish Steps, along the way we stumbled on the Quirinale. It wasn’t on our check list for the day but totally worth the short side track. Very pretty square surrounded in gorgeous buildings and a great view of Rome.
The Spanish Steps are undergoing maintenance do were a little bit of a let down but still a great historical spot.
After that we had pretty much checked off our list for the day so we wandered a little. We ended up back in Popolo Square, where we ate our first night here. It was nice to see it in the daylight.
We decided to return to get the shoes for our left behind family member which included a lovely stroll through early evening Rome which was lovely. We MIGHT have stopped to look at an amazing leather jacket sale, note, or small sized travelers can find clothes to fit in Europe. Along the way we got suckered into going into an organic skin care shop. This turned out to be a real treat. We got treated like royalty and had a lovely facial.
Finally we made it to the shoes and Trevi fountain at night.
Now exhausted we stopped for a last cappuccino, dessert and vege soup.
Tomorrow Tiber Island.