Rome, Italy, Travel Diary, Day 8

Breakfast then a final stop at our favorite cappuccino spot started our day.

As we have an avid fan of  the video game “Assassin’s Creed” at home we decided we must stop at Tiber Island before going home. (There is an island in the game modeled after Tiber Island)

We spent a lovely morning walking the circumference of the island and taking “Assassin’s Creed” pictures and taking in the sights. We stopped at the café on the island to ready lunch but they refused to serve us food so we walked a little and found a wonderful spot to eat, a little street restaurant named Sciapo. The food was amazing (pork slow cooked for 4 hours!), the service was friendly and the atmosphere perfect. We ate slow and enjoyed the last of our Italian afternoons.

We took our time going back to the hotel stopping at “Brics” to look at luggage. The Italian leather luggage is GORGEOUS but I’m not sure I could handle ever checking it in!

Back to the hotel to change for our evening out at the opera! When I was 10 years old my singing teacher took me too see “La Triviata” in New Zealand. Now with a daughter of 10 years old I was able to see “La Triviata” in Italy! After a quick meal we went to “Saint Paul’s within the walls”. An amazing basilica with truly awesome acoustics.

We stopped for one last cappuchino and then headed back to the hotel. Farewell Rome, we had a great time!