Rome, Italy, Travel diary day 3

Started the day right with delicious cappuccinos at La Dolce Vita. The owner is so wonderfully friendly and the prices the best we have found in Rome.
Next we caught a crazy taxi 🚕 ride to St Peters Square. Nothing can prepare you for the awe of actually standing in the square. Especially after barely escaping the taxi with your life. You are met in the square with tour guide hagglers. Turns out they have a pretty good system and we opted for going with the tour guide over waiting in line. The tour we took was with “When in Rome”, they were well priced and the tour guide was well informed. If you are going to do a tour of the Vatican and Sistine Chappel they are worth the money.
We started by walking along the Vatican wall whilst getting a brief history lesson. We entered the Vatican museum. Passing through awe inspiring paintings, statues and tapestries that we do not have the elegance of words to describe. Standing in the Vatican gardens where so many popes have spent their time walking is hard to take in.
The highlight of course was going in to the Sistine Chappell to see Michalangelos’ ceiling and fresco of “The Last Judgement“. A very emotional place. It is a place I have dreamed of since childhood, I’m still finding it hard to believe I knelt beneath his painting. Michalangelo you were a true genius!

From the chapel we entered St Peters Bassilica. Again there are just no words for such breathtaking awe. By the time we left we found we had used up most of the day!

We stopped quickly at the Vatican City post office to post postcards marked from the Vatican City. We apologize to anyone we left out, we were tired and STARVING at this point.

Next we located a place to rest our feet and refill our blood caffeine levels. We also put in some food but the coffee was first priority. The food was decent, service was lovely.

Now that we had refueled, thank you coffee ☕, we were off on a second wind. We walked down to the Castel Sant’Angelo. It was dark at this point but it didn’t matter. There were still people out and it was still amazing. We walked down the steps and stood on the bank of the Tiber River. So much history and there we were! It makes you feel rather small and insignificant. We spent a lot of time taking pictures and enjoying the sights. Took some great traffic light streak pictures with the Vatican in the background.

We ended up catching a van back to the hotel and a long soak in the bath at around 9pm.

What an amazing day! It will probably be months before it truly sinks in how awesome this day was.